31 March 2018
Art Talk // 5 PM
Opening Reception // 6 PM
Tentacles Art Space
Bangkok, Thailand


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It is a collaboration among the artist and independent art space in Malaysia (Kapallorek Art Space and Groundzero studio) & Thailand (Tentacles Art Space, Bangkok). On behalf of Kapallorek Art Space & Groundzero Studio, we are looking forward on cooperative with Tentacles Art Space to have a short programs and exhibition for Malaysian artists in Bangkok. From Malaysian side we also willing to do an exchange short residency for Thailand’s artists based on ‘A Local Folklore’ as a theme in this crossover programs and cultural exchange in Seri Iskandar. This project entitled ‘Lintas-Batas’ representing an international for Visual arts and culture exchange program.

‘Lintas-Batas’ will have four Malaysian contemporary artists which will exhibit their artworks, discussion & sharing on ‘Malay Folklore’ in Bangkok. The artists preview will be held at Seri Iskandar in the middle of March 2018 as an introduction to the local public and art community about this program. They will have their programs including exhibition and sharing session at the end of March in Bangkok (Tentacles Art Space). Conjunction with that, the program including exhibition, art talk & cultural tour for Thailand artist will be held at Seri Iskandar on September 2018. This cultural exchange project will be an interesting engagement in many aspects.

Malaysia & Thailand have a lot in common on culture & heritage, but still have another perspective that still remain unexplained and on blurred lines. Contemporary Artists nowadays often deal with environment, emotion, perspective & atmosphere in order to translate their visual language to be heard to the public. This program will involve a few of Organization & Community, Kapallorek will represent as a host and management for this project. Groundzero Studio was appointed to cooperate on behalf of curatorial practices. Until now we still identify any organization or community to support this program in many aspects especially on fund raising and sponsorship.

Kapallorek Art Space & Groundzero Studio playing parts as a collaborative partner (semi non- profit organization) to fill the gap on developing Malaysian Contemporary Visual Arts especially among the young generations. This is the best solution to have an experience also an exposure for our local artists to be exploring their own potential at early international engagement rather than circulating at local atmosphere. We also concern about public education and archiving. Because of that, we have an agreement to all participating artists on funding one of their artworks to the art space for public education and exposure purposed only.



AZAM NASRI was born 1993 in Klang and migrate to Kuala Lipis with his father’s retirement as a former sailor and construction labour. He gain his education in arts by his Diploma and Bachelor at MARA University of Technology in Malacca and Shah Alam. He grown up as a ‘Kampong Boy‘ just like any other kids from any common village in Malaysia. Now he actively being an artist as his main career together with his fellas under one studio in Shah Alam. Azam also get involved with a few projects in the creative industries engaging locals and internationally. He works with some theme park project, sets, props and display artist as a freelancer until today. As a young artist who seek for a new directions of his work, he manage to develop his artwork by exploring a contemporary art approaches to positioning his platform to the local contemporary art scenes. Azam’s work usually deal with¬ various form and format presenting his visual artworks, especially using an unconventional materials such like fine thread, constructive alluminum, wood fabricating and etcetera as his painting, sculptures and installation art. He involved in various exhibition and art activities in KL art scenes.

FENDY ZAKRI born 1982, was one of promising contemporary artist that develop his artwork in a very unpredictable ways. He was from engineering background of studies and occupation in Malaysia and around Middle East continent, start to get involved in local contemparary art scene on 2008. Fendy Zakri’s work start with some ‘metaphysical‘ still life artwork at his early step. Moved into Neo Abstract Expressionist at his succeeded Solo exhibition ‘Seeing the Unseen‘on 2014 and ‘Hypen Jocund‘ on 2016. He also actively engage on art project collaboration with some academician and institution. He now push foward his work on studying the possibilities of ‘Minimalism‘ and conceptual art approaches into his artmaking. Inspiring by the great poet from Rumi and several contemporary artist over the globe make he was so eager to understand on artist practices and body of works. Fendy Zakri’s work also connecting with life, belief, principles and psychology on behalf of his perspectives and expression. He also love music like Jazz, Classical and Mozart as a leisure of mood while doing his work.

M.N.HAFIZ HAMZAH also known as B.I.G was born 1994 in Kuala Lipis and migrate to Sungai Buloh with his family. Hafiz now live as a fulltime artist with his studio partners in Subang, Selangor. Graduated in Fine Arts at Bachelor and now further studies at Master level in MARA University of Technology. Hafizuddin get involved in several art competition and exhibition since student and gaining an Award from his University as a promising artist (SENIMAN). Realizing that this is a contemporary era, Hafizuddin is walking his way with the current “-ism”. Modernism is just a references and part of the element that been implement in the artmaking. In his artmaking process, he always have an idea that does not stick to one discipline, he always tend to make a different “projection” such as installation, video, photo, prints, performance, or any combination that he feels suitable with the idea and condition. Marcel Duchamp, James Turrell, Ai Wei Wei, Jonas Bur Gert, Marina Abramovic, John Beldassari, Alexandria Luthfi, Eko Nugroho, Zulkifli Yusoff, Chong Kam Kaw, Sulaiman Esa, Redza Piyadasa and few more artist. The artist mentioned has inspired Mnhafiz in term of few aspects such as ideation, artwork development, values of artist’s background (geographical, culture and religion) and the intention of the artworks.

EFFI SYAFIQ JUSOH was graduated from MARA University of Technology in Diploma and Bachelor in Fine Arts. He was born 1993 in Terengganu, east coast of Malaysia and now based in Shah Alam. Effi was a very talented young artist from his student period and won a few prizes on several art competition in young talents category. Effi now works as a fulltime artist battling on his career seriously, his artworks more on assemblage painting, wall pieces and sculptures. His father was a contractor for constructions work and have a small logistics business. Effi exposed on construction works at his childhood when helping his family business to run. Conjuction with that, he was very good at crafting and model making which make his artwork more tremendous. Effi love a miniature’s work and constructive technicals, he also being an asisstant for a few local well known artist because of his skills. With a good skills on construction and arts, he used to be a scenic painter for a few projects including from Sanderson’s art department from Australia and etcetera. Effi also love an adventure with extreeme sports like motorcross and offroad. He was very obsessed on developing miniature works and special effects on painting. Just like the other artist who migrate to KL as a living artist to achieve their own goals in contemporary arts industry.




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