“Breaking The Boundaries”


Breaking the boundaries.

Hawari Berahim Visual Art Solo Exhibition

The works of visual art as a whole can be reviewed and observed from three aspects of the creative aesthetics. Firstly, it can be perceived from the academic aesthetic approach undertaken by the artist to its visual object. The second aspect is from the artist’s creative approach to translate the object of his work into the realm of visual aesthetic execution. And the third one, it could be observed from the quality of the present-end of its visual aesthetics in the media of a stage-show of its entire works of art.

The academic approach conducted by Hawari Berahim on the object of his artwork is done by means of experiencing and simulating that reflects the motivation of the artist’s to directly perform observation and appreciation in the field passionately. He literary embodied the existence of his subjects. This endeavor shapes the philosophical understanding of the object of his work by exploiting a deep intricate observation, enriched by his expanded knowledge of aesthetics, as well as his empirical experiences. This is exactly what he teaches his students every day as an art lecturer.

Furthermore, the creative approach of Hawari Berahim exists in his playful ambiance of his artworks. On his previous artworks, Hawari Berahim sightseen his impression on social issues with his parodical approach as shown on the picture of his ‘NEW’ artwork in 2013. He was literally exploiting recycled and abandoned materials to create and construct the words ‘N_E_W’. Exercising the same approach, this time he creates his artworks in a different formula of representation. We can feel his sense of humor all over the artworks. His artworks reside between the playful artworks by Heidi O’Hanley to thought-provoking parodical artworks by Andy Warhol. His artworks are constructing a perceptiveness of his bravery and persistent on issues that occur in his life. This is not a coincidence nor is an intentional deportment by Hawari Berahim, but more because of his intuition in visual transcription of his subject matter. Although, by delivering a negative and positive point of view, there is no clear boundary of true or false, yin or yang, good or bad, on his satirical judgments. Nonetheless, the good-humored dichotomy in his artworks remains.

The stage of ‘aesthetics framing’ comes with the effort to expose the entire realm of his artworks within the aesthetics domain. By sensation, Hawari Berahim agreed to this artistic criteria that his work of art need to be displayed in a substantive manner where creative aesthetics must have been taken into his consideration. Hence, he decided to not only enhance the creative-aesthetic works aspects, but also to give the artworks a three-dimensional configuration. He does this in purpose to gain the quality of emotion of the viewers by empowering ‘spatial composition’ in his representation stage. The way he performed this representation with the use of bright primary colors generate a very extensive value of visual contrast and visibility. Coupled with repetitive efforts on his photographic artwork, pairing works by chronological essays, and also detailed selection of visual elements to stabilize the entire visual influence, subsequently perform the harmony of his works of art. The result is an astonishing phenomenon of ideas and creative concepts revealed in an extraordinary visual aesthetic.

Having his first solo exhibition in Ipoh, he openly attempts to break through the enclosure of Kuala Lumpur that always believed to be the epicenter of art in Malaysia. Philosophically, his universal grace goes beyond space and time without leaving its local substance. His perseverance in realizing the idea of universality of art is a truthful manifestation of his ideology. This notion is in fact a very daring move by Hawari Berahim particularly at the time where the art world is in a modest mode of operation.

In order to appreciate his artworks, one has to disregard egotism. These artworks are for viewers that have no apprehensive towards visual representations. Be cheerful and ecstatic.


Congratulations Hawari Berahim!


Bachok, September 6, 2016.

Arif Datoem

Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage,

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.

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