8 – 10 DECEMBER 2016

Sebestian Lemonon a.k.a DJ Urine is a sculptor and sound artist with a great passion for his work.After seeing many performances that rely on computerised sound manipulation, it is extremely refreshing to see such a hands on approach.instead of cutting and pasting snippets of audio together on a laptop, Dj Urine (french anagramfor Ruine, Nuire & Réuni) reaches for the superglue and creates literal sound collages from fragments of vinyl records.

These are assembled in a variety of ways, from the pizza slice method to fine mosaics. and played on up to 1 to 7 phonograph simultaneously, to build up rhythms, loops and textures out of many different musical genres. Sped-up Bollywood vocals can be heard over corrupted bars of Frank Zappa, French folk songs, spoken word guitar tutors and breakcore, resulting in a delightfully chaotic barrage of sounds.That whole process is executed in a thoughtful and imaginative way, and with a sense of humour. DJ Urine creates finely crafted noise with an energy that is ever present in the results.”

Anna Mikhailova was born on February 17, 1984 in Moscow.
Starting composing at 4 years old with paint buckets and her grandfather’s shotgun, making the first opera at 10 years old and having first solo concerts with her music at 11 years old. Accomplished piano, organ and koto player, opera, film and theater director, ethnomusicologist and multimedia artist.



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