12  – 14 JULAI 2019

Inspired by some of the generative art made via programming, I was able to create my own algorithmic concept, using these “noises” as factors or variables to affect the creation of the proposed visual. A difference in volume level may change the shape of a brush and introducing different color at random time may impact the look of a render. However, since this is generative art, final result often varies by each renders, yet maintain similarities between the same algorithm. These process of collecting variables of available sounds and lights was the origin for the name “Hingarmera”, a wordplay of “Hingar” and Camera. My Hingarmera installation works are best experienced during the generative process, as layers and layers of drawings start to build on top of each other. Passive audience will become active; clapping hands, shouting, singing, posing and turning, waving hand or even phones, hoping that they would become part of the drawings.



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